About the President

The President/CEO of Senshin Technologies Group; Sanal Sukuvihar, is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and a highly motivated professional with many years of work experience in the various Research and Development projects around the world. He has extensive experience in the execution of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering and Analysis (CAE) projects for the Automobile, Aeronautical as well as other Engineering Industries. Throughout his career, he has associated with many big names in the said Industries. He is a goal oriented individual with a record of consistently meeting deadlines and schedules. He possesses very good communication and management skills. His insatiable appetite for constantly expanding the boundaries of knowledge led him to Japan in 2001, propelled by a desire to learn and master the advanced Japanese technologies there. Though he is from India, Japan has become his second home. Based on his experience in Japan since then, he wanted to utilize the highly qualified resources of India towards furthering the technological development of Japan as well as the development of his mother country in general. This was his objective when he started the Company 'Senshin Technologies Inc.' in June 2009 with its head office at Tokyo. Later on, Senshin Technologies expanded into India and USA. Sanal Sukhvihar is a visionary who wishes to bridge the competencies of India and Japan towards addressing their mutual challenges as well as those of the world in general. He desires to serve the needs of one and all. He is a regular practitioner and teacher of the 'Sidha Samadhi' system of Yoga and Meditation. He regularly imparts training in Yoga to many eager aspirants at Tokyo. He holds a Black Belt in the 'Shinkyokushinkai'style of Karate from Japan. His "Inspirational Leadership in Management" program is widely attended and appreciated by people across the world. He hails from the beautiful and scenic town of Alappuzha (Venice of the East), in Kerala, India. He lives with his wife and 3 children in Tokyo, Japan.

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