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Clients, Project Details & Experience

Mitsubishi Aircraft, Nagoya

Design of aircraft interior parts of Mitsubishi Regional Jet and Analysis of fire resistance materials for the MRJ.
2013 May~ 3years and 3months (4engineers)

Fuji Heavy Industries, Gunma

CAE NVH Analysis and Testing of Subaru car project. 
2015 March~ 1year continuing.. (1engineer)

Keisoku Engineering, Tokyo

Comsol Multiphysics Application development and CAE Analysis with Comsol Multiphysics. 
2011 February ~ 5years continuing.. (2engineers)

Honda Engineering, Utsunomiya

Talor welded blank Optimization and Analysis to reduce the cavity created by laser welding of car parts. 
2010 May ~1 month (3 engineers)

Japan Gas Corporation, Yokohama

Pipe Design Stress Analysis and Gas Plant Engineering project 
2014 April ~ 2years continuing.

Digital Process, Atsugi, Japan.

Finite Element Meshing and Analysis of Automobile Door parts and Assembly 
2011 January ~ 1 year (4 engineers)

Sumihatsu , Tokyo , Japan.

Bullet train Rail Finite Element Model creation with Static Analysis 
2010 February ~ 6 months (3 engineers)

Division Engineering, Tokyo

CAM software – C3CAM, De-fracture of software code created for CAM system
2012 September ~ 6months

Minori Solution, Tokyo, Japan

Dynamic Innovation, Tokyo

Comsol Multiphysics and Ansys Model Analysis comparison project. 
2010 May ~ 1month (1engineer)

Advance Automation, Tokyo

Nissan Automobile Ltd, Japan

CAE Structural, Crash, NVH analysis of Automobile projects 
2014 March ~ 2years continuing.. (7engineers)

Smert Design Company, Japan

Ship Design and BWMS retrofitting project
2015 November~ 5months continuing.

Class NK, Japan


"They are always doing their job nicely, always manage our order with a lot of detail, and respond quickly. They are so friendly, that we can talk trivial matters and get answers. I think they are excellent on our business. I want to work with them next year too." - Naoto Soya San from the 'SYQ Laboratories' at Japan about Our Highly Competent and Efficient Engineers: Akhil. M & Tony Sebastian.

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