CAE Solutions

Our team has experience in handling projects from Automobile majors across the world. Thus the Structural and Crash analysis for the small assembly parts to the complete automobile can be done successfully here. Also, our team carries excellent experience in the Finite Element Model creation using most of the leading pre-processors. Additionally, various Engineering Simulations and Analysis can be done with engineering solvers like Nastran, PamCrash, LS- Dyna, Radioss, and other computer programs like, HyperWorks, ANSYS, EasiCrash, etc. Besides that, Post processing which includes the comparison of simulations, suggestions and report can also be given in the most efficient method. We, at Senshin Technologies provide customized solutions worldwide, based on the Finite Element Analysis. Our advanced analytic capabilities include Static, Dynamic, Model, Thermal and Non-Linearity. We provide complex Mechanical and Structural design solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Shipping, Manufacturing, Electronic and other Engineering Industries. Our team encompasses CAE Model Creation, Simulations, Validation, Comparison with actual test, and Optimization of products. We support the Design team in decision making. This enables customer to reduce the product development cost and time while improving safety, comfort, quality and durability. New trend in CAE Analysis – Multiphysics (coupling of different Physics) Analysis with COMSOL Multiphysics. With COMSOL, it is possible to analyze various phenomena at the nano-scale to the universal scale or to the scale of industrial equipment, by simulating on a computer. COMSOL provides an analysis environment by the finite element method of the initial value and the boundary value problem of partial differential equations.

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